Yohoo Power Adapter PD18W

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300000 piece per Day

Electrical Specification

Input Rated Voltage:100-240V

Input Rated Frequency Range: 50/60Hz

Output specification: 5V 3.6A 18W


Protection requirements

Over Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Temperature Protection


Reliability Requirements

Natural life

The power supply shall work at least 8760 hours under normal operating condition25℃.

3 axis (X, Y, and Z), 30 minutes/per axis, 10-50Hz, amplitude 1.5mm, frequency sweep circulation 5 times.
Drop in

1.0M, free drop to marble board, six sides per surface twice, No safety and mechanical damage, Vout normal.

USB insertion force test

5000 times, USB No mechanical and electrical property damage.

Power supply abnormal sound test
220Vac input voltage probe shall be applied to the forward, backward, left, right, and top, on the five
directions and 0%,100% load, at intervals of 5cm+/-1cm with a noise 20 dB Max. frequency range:
MTBF qualification
The MTBF shall be at least 50,000 hours at 25℃, Full load, and normal input condition.
Common mode noise
Input 220Vac.& full load, the CMN voltage should be less than 2V

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