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Spa Time At Home

I love going to day spas.  An hour or two of pampering makes me feel like I’ve been on a mini vacation.  I always leave feeling rested, rejuvenated and happy.  Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to get to a spa, so I have to recreate the experience at home.  Fluffy towels, candles, and good music set the mood.  My favorite spa products are old school and come straight from the drugstore.  Here are five of my favorites:

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask


A drugstore favorite, this mint green mask has been around for years. I’ve been using it since college.  It works well, and the price is right.

Rosebud Salve


I love this multipurpose lip balm.  Not only is it fantastic for your dry lips, It can be used on other parts of your body like elbows and knees.

Dr Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salt Soaking Solution and Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash, Soothe & Sleep with Lavender.

unspecified-6Epsom salt and a body wash are combined into one.  Epsom salt is soothing and therapeutic.  The soft lavender scent ties it all together.

Neutrogena Body Oil



This lightweight body oil is perfect right after a bath.  My skin always feels soft an smooth after using this.

Nivea Creme


This cream is perfect to slather on ofter a long soak.  An old staple, good for all skin types.  It also comes in a convenient travel tin if you decide to take your spa time on the road.

Gather everything you need, unplug, relax and enjoy your home spa experience.



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