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Remember What You Love

Remember the things you loved to do as a child?  They may be the best things to help you de-stress and relax as an adult.   I recently rediscovered one of my favorite childhood activities – tap dancing.


I fell in love with tap dancing at an early age.  It always an activity that brought me joy. While trying it again as an adult, those happy feelings came rushing back.  I left the dance studio feeling energized, calm and happy.  Any stress I walked in with had disappeared. Here’re ten simple childhood activities that may help you de-stress as an adult:


Fly a Kite  A cool kite and a little wind are all that’s necessary.

Go Rollerskating or Ice Skating  Find a local skating rink, lace up a pair of skates and have fun.  If you happen to be at Venice Beach in Southern California, go skating outside.   Rent a pair and enjoy the sunshine.

Play Frisbee – My frisbee game was never stellar, but I always had fun trying. How can you not smile at something that looks like a little flying saucer?

Jump Rope – I didn’t realize it as a child, but playing jump rope was a fantastic way to exercise.  I don’t think I can manage a round of double dutch now, but I can certainly jump rope by myself. Just 10 minutes of jumping will give you an effective, calorie burning workout.

Blow Bubbles – I always see the “bubble man” creating his giant bubbles when I walk through Central Park.  Every time I watch him, I catch myself smiling, especially when the bubbles blow away and pop.  I guess I’m still a child at heart.

Ride a Bike  Feet on the pedals and wind in your hair – life is good.

Make Homemade Ice Cream – The old fashioned way. – Ice, rock salt and endless cranking always produced t summer treats.  I miss my grandmother’s homemade peach ice cream.  It was creamy, sweet and delicious.  I think it’s time to pull out the recipe and make it again.  This retro designed ice cream maker is perfect for the job.

Play Jacks  Jacks were serious business when I was a kid. Competitions with my cousins would last for hours.  Pick up a set to see how good your hand-eye coordination is.  I tried it again and had a good laugh.  I don’t think I’d win any competitions now, but it was fun trying.


Coloring Books – Adult coloring book sales have hit an all-time high.  It’s an activity that’s inexpensive, stress-reducing and relaxing.  I’m in.   

Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle I recently visited a friend who had a jigsaw puzzle out for guests.  Everyone gravitated to it throughout the weekend, and I could see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.  It reminded me of puzzles I enjoyed as a child during summer vacations.  There’s a wide array of puzzle choices available today.  I love the great designs of these puzzles.

Some of these things may seem like silly activities for adults.  If doing simple things can help you smile, laugh and relax for a moment, they’re worth trying again.


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