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7 Steps to Spring Clean and Organize Your Pantry

Are you tired of rummaging through your pantry in search of ingredients?  I get frustrated opening my pantry door and seeing everything out of place.   Spring is the perfect time to clean out your pantry and get organized.  

My decline into pantry disorganization always begins during the holidays.  After three months of constant baking and cooking, I get lazy about putting things back in their place.  By the time Spring arrives, my pantry is not a pretty sight.  

BL Dirty Pantry R

Spring is the perfect time to show my pantry a little love and attention.  The easiest way to approach it?  Follow seven simple steps:  Empty, sort, toss, donate, clean, restock and create order.

Empty Everything Out.  Yes, everything!  Starting out with a blank space will help you see clearly.  It may seem like a pain to remove everything, but it’s the most efficient way to get organized.

Sort and Separate.   Take the time to sort through everything.  Separate the things you often use and items you use occasionally.

Sort & Separate

Toss Out Anything Expired or Questionable.  I’ve been guilty of finding a bottle of fish sauce with an expiration date way past it’s prime.  I had good intentions.  I purchased it to make a delicious Thai dish for friends. They’re still waiting for that meal!   If you ever question whether a product is still good, this website will help you determine a product’s shelf life.

Donate Items That Haven’t Expired.  Find a local food bank to donate food you aren’t using.  It’s a great way to help the community, and it might inspire you to donate more often.  Or you could ask your cute neighbor who likes to cook if he could use any of the ingredients.  Just a thought.

Donate Box Pantry (1)

Clean Every Inch of The Pantry.  Take time to sweep, vacuum the shelves, and wipe down every surface.  I love the fresh grapefruit scent of this all- purpose cleaner.  Make sure everything is dry before you put items back into the pantry.

Restock and Reorganize.  Create categories or zones to stay organized. Think about how you visually like see things.  You should also consider how you cook during the week or entertain on the weekends.  After you’ve created your sections, decide what containers you want to use.  Choose storage items that reflect the style of your kitchen.  Divide into sections like baking, grains, oils and vinegar, etc.  Your pantry organization should reflect how you work and live in your kitchen.

Spring Clean Still - Grains


Untitled design (5)

If you’re feeling motivated, you could paint or wallpaper inside to add a little life to the pantry walls.  Only if you’re feeling motivated.

Create Order.  Now that you have new containers and a plan, it’s time to put it all back together in an organized way.  Make it fun and not a chore.  Turn on your favorite music and the time will go by quickly.  

White Storage

In the end, you’ll have a clean, well-organized pantry.  You’ll also have a big smile on your face the next time you cook.  Why?  Because you can find everything in an instant!  Happy Spring!   

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