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Lisa Marie Todd
About Marie Todd

Founded in 2009 by Lisa Marie Todd, the Marie Todd brand began with a small handmade jewelry collection and one signature fragrance candle.

Raised in Palo Alto, California, Lisa graduated from the University of Santa Clara with a degree in Theatre Arts and Television Production. After graduation she worked in television production and advertising. Her creative passions began at the age of three when she started studying dance. Years later that training would lead to work as an actress on shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Days of Our Lives and as a "Fly Girl" dancing on the Fox Television show In Living Color.

Lisa left the entertainment industry to pursue her two greatest joys: raising her daughter and designing jewelry.  She discovered a love for jewelry making and trained with a master goldsmith in Los Angeles and at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.  As her jewelry business evolved, she added home fragrances to her brand.  The Marie Todd brand now includes jewelry collections, luxury home fragrances, personal fragrances, and the MTodd home fragrance collection for men.


Joining the lineup in 2016 will be liquid hand soaps, additions to the MTodd line and a new organic product line. Lisa’s home fragrances and jewelry designs are inspired by music, nature, interior design, architecture and travel. She prides herself in the fact that all of her products are created and made in Los Angeles. Marie Todd and MTodd collections are available in stores and boutiques across the USA and Japan.

An entrepreneur and mother, Lisa splits her time living in Los Angeles and New York.